Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series

Author: Louise Rennison
Recommended Age: Young Adult/Teen
Genre: Commercial Fiction


  1. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Original Release Date – April 2001; Read – May 2009; Rated B+)
  2. On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (Original Release Date – May 2002; TBR… eventully)
  3. Knocked Out By My Nungna-Nungas (Original Release Date – March 2003; TBR)
  4. Dancing in my Nuddy Pants (Original Release Date – June 2004; TBR)
  5. Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (Original Release Date – May 2005; TBR)
  6. Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers (Original Release Date – May 2006; TBR)
  7. Startled by His Furry Shorts (Original Release Date – May 2007; TBR)
  8. Love is a Many-Trousered Thing (Original Release Date – May 2008; TBR)
  9. Stop in the Name of Pants (Original Release Date – June 2009; TBR)
  10. Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? (Original Release Date – October 2009; TBR)

Note: The release dates (and covers pictured above) are for the paperback version released in the United States.


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