About the Blog

This blog is a subsidiary (so official sounding) of my general content book blog: What Was I Reading?

Here on Serious About Series, I’ll be categorizing and cataloguing all of the series that I have read (and am dying to read) with links to the reviews as they become available.

Series Status Labels:
Complete – All of the books in the series have been released and I have read and reviewed them all.
Ongoing – There are books that have not yet been published or I haven’t read all of them yet.
Unfinished – I haven’t read all the books in the series, and I have absolutely no plans to (yeah, they’re that bad, in my opinion). I will try my best, even though I’m not finishing the series, to keep the list of books with release dates up to date.

Finding Series:
I recommend using the “Series by Category” links at the right to identify series you may enjoy. You can search by target audience (currently limited to Adult and YA/Teen series… probably some Middle Grade to come) and then by genre within that recommended age group. (Note: Some series fit into more than one genre–such as a mystery series would fit both within “Mystery” and “Commercial Fiction”, and you can find them by using either category link.)

Clarification on Genres:
Commercial v. Literary Fiction – Commercial fiction can also be called “Genre Fiction” and includes, but is not limited to, mysteries, science fiction, paranormal romance, fantasy, action/adventure. Literary fiction is character-driven works that usually are more focused on character development without a definable plot device. (That doesn’t mean these books are necessarily more “high-brow,” but that the focus isn’t on driving the plot forward, but on the protagonist learning about themselves and their world.) Sometimes these definitions will fall apart, but those are the “rules of thumb.”
Science Fiction v. Paranormal Romance v. Fantasy – There will be a lot of overlap amongst these categories, but my definitions are kind of as follows: Science Fiction involves beings that are not human (vampires, zombies, aliens, etc.); Paranormal Romance involves non-humans in romantic relationships; and Fantasy involves a setting that is other than the known world on Earth (with humans and/or non-humans).

Let the fun of list-making commence!


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